What does this project do?

The bot wil connect to any discord server where the owner asks me (b_w_johan) to invite it.
Or you can build the bot from the sources provided below and request an APIkey to publish the scores on this website.

How does it work?

The bot will have several commands of which the following will be the most important:
/start2v2 [name1] [name2] [name3] [name4]
It will give a prompt telling you some settings and a code to use to confirm the scores with.
After each command is excecuted all 4 players who where entered in the match will have to give a thumbsup to confirm and go to the next step.
/submit2v2 [gamecode] [winnername1] [winnername2]
this will give you after all 4 players have given a thumbsup a new gamecode and will switch up the partners so all 4 players have played with all of the others (3 matches).
will show wich 2 players together have won the most games together.

Work in Progress: Steps to build the bot yourself.

This will be a link to the development page for the bot with latest source release.
This will be a link to the older versions of the bot, mostly usefull for developers who want to follow the progress.
This will be a link to feature requests / bug-reports.